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No Way to Hold Eurozone Together

Posted by Jeff Rubin on December 7th, 2011 under SmallerWorldTags: , ,  • 9 Comments

Will the PIIGS sink the euro or will the European monetary union jettison the PIIGS? As the stakes get ever higher, we are rapidly approaching the end game for the European debt crisis. With the spectre of default now hovering over major European economies such as Italy and Spain, the potential liability for German and French [...]


German and British taxpayers are beginning to realize the downside of our economic interdependence in the global economy. When British banks have too much exposure to Irish banks, all of a sudden Dublin’s property crash becomes the UK’s problem. Similarly, when German taxpayers have to bail out bankrupt governments in Athens and Dublin, Greece and [...]


No global solutions at G20

Posted by Jeff Rubin on June 23rd, 2010 under SmallerWorldTags: , , ,  • Comments Off

No matter what their organizers and participants want us to believe, economic summits aren’t the remedy for an increasingly dysfunctional global economy. President Obama’s call for countries other than the US to carry more of the burden of sustaining world economic growth is likely to fall on deaf ears, just as Europe’s call for massive [...]