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Tick, tick, tick. The countdown to another rail accident is already on. A 90-car derailment last week in Alabama is only the latest in a series of train wrecks unfolding across North America. The next one, as promised by a dangerous combination of lax regulations and booming traffic, is just around the bend. Fracking may [...]


Critics of TransCanada’s Keystone XL project often argue that Canada should reap the full benefits of its natural resources, rather than exporting its petroleum riches south of the border. Head to the U.S. and, ironically, you can hear the same discussion. Much of America’s new found oil wealth is being shipped abroad, which is worrying [...]


The Price for Energy Independence

Posted by Jeff Rubin on November 19th, 2012 under SmallerWorldTags: , ,  • 22 Comments

Move over OPEC, North America is about to become a net exporter of oil. At least that’s the supposed good news from the International Energy Agency’s latest outlook. According to the IEA, the drilling boom for shale oil is putting US production on track to pass Saudi Arabia. North of the border, output from Alberta’s [...]


Growth Alone is Not the Answer

Posted by Jeff Rubin on October 10th, 2012 under SmallerWorldTags: ,  • 27 Comments

If we know anything about what makes our economy tick we know this: Feed it cheap oil and it runs like a charm. But keep it rationed to expensive fuel, and growth stops dead. Every major global recession in the past four decades has oil’s fingerprints all over it. For all of our efforts to [...]


The Fed is Pushing on a String

Posted by Jeff Rubin on September 18th, 2012 under SmallerWorldTags: , , ,  • 5 Comments

No matter how hard the Fed pushes, the US economy isn’t going to respond to yet another round of quantitative easing. What ails the US economy is not the cost of credit. From car loans to mortgages, borrowing money has never been cheaper. The Fed’s aim to stir the economy by printing more money is [...]